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Roy “Griff” Griffis

At the top of Mount Wilson after a grueling ride

At the top of Mount Wilson after a grueling ride

When I was ten years old, I decided to be a writer.  I’d already experienced the way a good book could transport a reader to another world; it was power and it was the only real magic an imaginative, fanciful boy had ever experienced that didn’t prove to be fraud or illusion.  It was a magic I wanted to do.

Since that day, I’ve never stopped thinking of myself as a writer.  No matter what I was doing (and I’ve done a few things), I continued to write.  I’ve held all the usual starving artist jobs along the way:   Waiter, book store clerk, driver for a rehab unit, vet tech.   I am proud of the 8 years spent in the Coast Guard, where I was one of the first 100 USCG Aviation Rescue Swimmers in the country.

By The Hands of Men:  The Old World is my second novel.  I just completed the first draft of the second volume of the series, entitled The Colonies and Beyond.

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