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By The Hands of Men is a must read. Once I started I couldn’t put it down. For me, that says a lot. I’m a stay at home Mom with seven children so my personal time is valuable.

I’m also new to reading, so when I was offered the chance to read Griff’s book I didn’t know what was in store for me. This book is my idea of a love story. True romantics will fall in love with it just like I did.

Holly W.

Cleveland, OH

I truly enjoyed this book.  You hear of those books that you cant put down well  this is it…..  I would most definitely recommend the book and actually have…. The book really takes you there with the characters…You connect with them …so much so I have to admit I even cried at one point…..Oh and YES I am waiting for the next book!!

Cristina C

Grif has a gift. His writing is amazing and a great read. Keep them coming.



The novel was fun and easy to read and the story was so well written, it kept me wanting more. It was hard to put down and I found myself emotionally attached to a few characters. I love to read and have read novels for most of my life and I can honestly say it’s one of the best novels I have read and would recommend it to my friends and family.

Mr.Griffis, you have a wonderful gift so keep those novels coming!!



Before I joined a reading club a few years ago, I tended to read the same authors over and over again. But one of the rules of the club was to be open-minded. We were encouraged to read material that we were unfamiliar with and books that fell outside our regular areas of interest.

A whole new world opened up for me. Along came By The Hands Of Men. I read it and gave it a “thumbs up”. Enjoy this historical read by Roy Griffis like I did.

M. J. L. Special-Eds Teacher

Fairview Park OH


By the Hands of Men: The Old World envelops the reader in multiple experiences of both friendship and love in the midst of the tragedy that is war.  This first chapter in the lives of ordinary people, who find themselves in situations calling for extraordinary actions, leaves the reader waiting for the next episode.  Each turn of the page brings you closer to the characters that perform in this intricate dance of friendships, obligations, loss, and love.  Readers of all ages will become entwined in the actions of Charlotte, Robert, and Matron; watching them trying to maintain normalcy in the midst of destruction and calamity.  Pacing of this story is perfect for a relaxing read.  Check out other works by this same author for different, but equally enjoyable reading adventures.

Kali Ebenflow


Don’t pass up the opportunity to read By The Hands Of Men by Roy Griffis.

You’ll find yourself drawn to the characters and if history is your reading genre, you’ll find By The Hands Of Men immensely entertaining.

June Z.  Lakewood OH


I am a working woman, wife and mother in my late 40’s and have been an avid reader all my life. I must confess that I was so caught up in this novel I even read it at work! Set during World War I; I quickly became enamored of the main characters, Charlotte and Robert. Their blossoming romance amid the terror of war is heartfelt and sensitive, but by no means a typical love story.

Roy develops the characters and locations so well, the reader is quickly transported to each location as this story progresses. It is as if we are watching these scenes unfold in a movie instead of a book, and the richness of the characters makes you want to continue watching long after the last page has been read. I’m anxiously awaiting book two, when I can again be transported to wherever our main characters find themselves.

Having also read Griffis’ “The Big Bang”, I can honestly say Griffis is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors and I look forward to uploading his works onto my Kindle!

Carinda M.


I was caught up in the story and couldn’t put it down… riveting… I was taken away to another time and place… You could feel the love between Charlotte and Robert… I look forward to the next installment….

Cindy D., 50


This novel, with its wonderfully vivid period details, put me right into an entirely different world in an entirely different time and made me eager to find out what happens to the Russian nurse. I heartily recommend it.

–Lyle Blake Smythers, author of Feasting With Panthers,forthcoming from Pink Narcissus Press in the spring of 2012.

By the Hands of Men is without a doubt the best book I have read all year.  Griffis has mastered the art of making a character real not only in your mind, but in your heart as well.  He has managed to create each character through a brilliant mixture of description, action, dialogue, and uses each character to deepen the others. The storyline is so well written, you feel like you are walking beside Charlotte as she makes her rounds, and down in the trenches with Robert. By the Hands of Men has so much to offer: love, friendship, honor, adventure, and loss. My only complaint would be that now I am overly anxious to see what will happen next in book two!

 Kristina Moore age 27, aspiring Physicist


I am a mature lady close to retirement from years working in the financial industry.  I have come to enjoy my reading as a way to escape from my day to day stresses.  I enjoy visiting far away places, attending past events, becoming a friend of families and connecting to them through my reading.  To be able to really connect with characters in a story, they need to be really well described so I can picture what the characters look like and see in my mind the surrounding scenery.  Griff does an excellent job of creating his characters and describing the situation with such vivid detail that you really do feel you are watching the story unfold as you read this book.

In By the Hands of Men you will follow the lives of several characters through their grueling duties as nurses attending to the wounded in France during WWI as well as the soldiers they serve.  I became very involved in the lives of the characters.  I saw how special friendships can develop during war as well as how badly war can scar and claim the innocent.  I was sorry when the book ended and am looking forward to the sequel.

Tanya S.


I absolutely loved By the Hands of Men!  This book is magnificently crafted and draws the reader into a story that begins in World War I and goes to the end of the war.  The history was accurate, the descriptions vivid.  It kept me intrigued and wrapped up in the characters from the first page to the last.  I felt like I knew Charlotte and Robert as beloved friends by the time I’d reached the last page.

I didn’t want to put down By the Hands of Men.  It was rather like picking up a “Lord of the Rings” or a “Harry Potter” or another series that has such endearing characters and a sweeping story that it simply had to be told.  I cannot wait to read the next part of the series!   I laughed and I cried as I read the book – this book is a page-turner, and one that you’ll not want to put down once you begin reading it.

  Dr. A


Reading has been in my blood for as long as I can remember. Soon to celebrate my 60th birthday, my fascination of books is still going strong. Subjects of my reading vary but history has always been at the top of my list. When I discover a book taking place in a previous time, I am transported to that era (in this instance, WW1).

 By The Hands of Men had me captivated from the beginning. Mr. Griffis had me walking alongside Charlotte (of Russian nobility) now working as a nurse in a hospital in France.  I was in the trenches and crawling through the mud with Fitzgerald (of English nobility) now a lieutenant in England’s army. My heart ached and tears fell when Charlotte loses her true love and then her best friend. I didn’t want the story to end and am anxiously awaiting Book 2.

R. Rice, Moderator of reading group (Cleveland, OH)

 “By the Hands of Men” (Griffis) delivers a powerful impact to the reader’s emotions. From laughter to sadness and every feeling in between, there is a true sense of knowing Richard and Charlotte.  The reader’s bond to the characters and their lives is totally unexpected.  The visual descriptions of the settings made me feel as if everything was happening right in front of me; like I had walked into the story itself.  The subtle twists and turns in the plot kept me wanting more and just when I thought I knew what was going to happen, surprise, something entirely different occurred!

I enjoy reading historical fiction and prefer a personal spin on historical events, whether they are fiction or real life stories. I am 43 years old and a teacher.

Stephanie M,Georgia


My message to the author: KEEP WRITING! I have become so involved with the lives of these characters it is as if I am part of the story.Griff’s attention to detail and his research have paid off. The descriptions, the background is so vivid. I can imagine this as a mini-series with a lion’s share of the audience on the nights it is aired. I, too, as Tanya S., am a pre-retirement adult female. But having read many novels….some historical, some not….I believe we have a winner here! Great read for anyone, any age.

Margaret N

 Like Margaret N. mentioned KEEP WRITING.  I enjoyed By The Hands of Men, I could not put it down.   Like Tanya S,  I,  too, became very involved in the lives of the characters.  I saw how special friendships can develop during war as well as how badly war can scar and claim the innocent.  I was sorry when the book ended and am looking forward to the sequel.  Griffis an excellent writer.

Cathy R




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