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Get to WorkI had knee surgery two weeks ago today.  It kind of slowed me down, but I’m back at work on Book Two.

Above is our newest rescue critter, which my good-hearted wife found in the parking lot of a motel.  We mobilized the family to bring this scrawny, wormy little critter home.  They called her Ava, but I called her “BabyKat.”

Since being with us (and after some assistance from the Vet’s), she’s doubled her size and become a complete part of the family.  She’s still a little wary around the Dachshund (aka “The Princess of Darkness”), with good reason, but other than that, is relaxed and affectionate.  Her skittish period with new people now seems to last about five minutes, and after that, she’ll jump right up in your lap looking for a chin scratch.  She’s even learned to “cat-wrestle” nicely, which means when she grabs your hands she doesn’t drill her claws into your skin as if you’re a weasel with whom she’s in a battle to the death.

We’re also looking at becoming foster parents to one of my wife’s students.  Very bright girl who was dealt a crummy hand.  Will let you know if that works out.

I’ve written 24 pages in the past two days, working on part four of Book Two.

A publisher whom I had queried requested the entire ms of the novel, which was encouraging and exciting.

Oh, in the photo above, BabyKat is telling me it’s time to make breakfast and get back to work.  Looks like Part Four is going to go about 100 pages, so it’s time to get cracking.

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