New tweener/teens novel from my wife

My lovely wife, Alisa, has just published a tweener/teens novel on Kindle called “Gonalls.” It was based on a story she told her children when they were younger.  She honed the tale by reading it to her 4th grade students when she taught at an inner city school.  They were enthralled, and I think your younger readers will be, also.


While exploring the woods with a friend, 12 year old Ian Roach finds a furry football-sized animal hiding in some underbrush. Neither he, nor his best friend Troy can figure out what type of animal it is – but it’s certainly helpless and seems nice enough. Ian has always wanted a pet, so he brings it home and convinces his mom to let him keep it.

He names his little creature Max, and soon everyone in his small Colorado town gets to meet this unusual and perky animal. It looks like a cross between a rabbit, a dog, and…something else that Ian can’t quite put his finger upon. Max is an easy keeper – he eats weeds and vegetables, and he makes a chirping noise that sounds like he’s saying, “Gonall.”

Max is extremely loyal to his new family. If anyone tries to threaten Ian or his mom, Max puffs up and…roars. Ian had always wanted a dog to protect him from two bullies that tease him mercilessly. Now it appears that Max is willing to be that protector.

Max turns out to be far more than just a sweet, cuddly little animal – and Ian and the people of Quarry, Colorado will have their lives changed in ways they couldn’t imagine.

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